Integrated guidance

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I spent a few days last week talking about and teaching integrated guidance to students at Lillehammer. Essentially this is about how we can incorporate technologies into guidance and careers education in a purposeful way using ideas of instructional design. I’ll hopefully have a new article coming out on this topic soon, but in the meantime, the chapter that I wrote with Ingrid Bakke is probably the most complete articulation of my thinking on this subject.

Bakke, I.B., & Hooley, T. (2023). Neither online, nor face-to-face, but integrated career guidance: Introducing new ways of engaging undergraduate students in career learning and reflective careering. In M. Buford, M. Sharp and M. Stebleton (Eds.) Mapping the future of undergraduate career education (pp.138-154). Routledge.

It is also worth having a look at Tom Staunton and I’s chapter on the the role of digital technologies in career guidance.

Hooley, T., & Staunton, T. (2021). The role of digital technology in career development. In P.J. Robertson, T. Hooley, T., & P. McCash (Eds). The Oxford Handbook of Career Development (pp.297-311). Oxford University Press.

I’ve also produced a list of 10 resources that are useful for integrated guidance at

Finally, here are my ‘new’ lectures on this topic from last week. They are in (bad) Norwegian so may be more use to my Norsk readers than others, but here there are anyway.

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