Launch webinar: Online research

The webinar will take place twice first on Tuesday 18th June (10am, UK time) and secondly on Thursday 20th June (5am, UK time). Please book for the slot that makes most sense for your time zone.

To celebrate the publication of their new book on online research methods, Professor Tristram Hooley and Dr Rachel Buchanan will be holding two webinar to introduce the book and discuss some of the key issues in it.

This book provides a concise and accessible introduction to online research, covering ethics, surveys, focus groups, ethnographies, experiments and the gathering and analysis of naturally occurring digital/big data. It also asks how researchers should use the digital environment to communicate their research and looks forward to the future of the field, asking what the next ten years hold. Online research is rarely well served by the direct translation of onsite methods onto the internet. Rather, researchers need to reflect, adapt and redesign research as they change the mode through which they conduct their research.

The webinar will include a presentation of the key ideas in the book and offer participants opportunities to ask questions and reflect on the future of online research.

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