Five Reasons Why You Hate Work

College is finally over after all the heaps of assignments and exams. You managed to scale through in spite of the late night bashes and parties in the spirit of youthful exuberance. Now you’ve gotten a degree and a pretty “nice” job, but like with most things in life, you’re still not satisfied.

Nothing excites you about the job. You live everyday struggling to accomplish your tasks, barely making it through to the next day. There’s no excitement about going to the office. No motivation to carry on your duties. No feeling of fulfilment. And it’s like you’re not well compensated.

You do almost the same thing everyday. You wake up, go to work, come back late, then spend the rest of the day either attending to emails from work, or dreading what the next day will look like.

So, it’s either you’re trapped with a job that you hate or you’re not enjoying work at all. No doubt, you’re working to earn a living, but, it still remains whether you actually have a life to live.

While you ruminate on the idea of turning in your notice, you may also want to understand why you hate work so much.
Is it that your job really sucks or you’re not just cut out for it?

Knowing where the hate is coming from will help you identify the problem and make some needed adjustments. Or better still, it will give you an idea of the kind of job that will be more suitable for you.

With this in mind, here are five reasons why you hate work so much:

You are uninterested

Nothing is more worrying than having a job you don’t like. Though to anyone close, it may look like you’re doing well, but within you, you know there’s nothing interesting about your work. There’s no zeal, no drive, no determination, and absolutely nothing exciting to look forward too.

It seems everyday is the same-nothing new; just the same boring routine that saps life out of you.
There are no new challenges to stir and engage your mind. Just the same initiatives and tasks that you could do even while asleep. The same team, the same department, the same role, the same office, the same everything!
Why wouldn’t you get bored to the marrow?

You are not well compensated

When you are not adequately compensated, it’s becomes harder to cope with your daily activities because you already know your reward is small compared to your input. No one likes to work where they’re not receiving good pay and benefits. Even when they do, the quickly grow to hate the job because the poor remuneration.
It’s even harder when the paycheck is not enough to pay the bills. Still you work your fingers to the bone everyday.
No wonder, you despise your boss so much. Don’t worry, your resentment is justified.

Your boss doesn’t appreciate your effort

It’s also possible you’ve got a boss that doesn’t have the slightest idea of the amount of input you’re putting into the company. You don’t get any feedback for job well done and even when you do, it’s not encouraging. It’s more like you’re merely being used by the company to achieve their goals without any recognition or acknowledgement.

Though your pay is good, you still feel unappreciated because you are not getting the attention you deserve. You don’t receive any kind gestures from your boss. It’s like everyone is too busy to notice the great stuffs you’re doing. Even when you accomplish a difficult task, no one rewards or congratulates you. It feels like you are not even there.

You’ve reached the top of the ladder

Another possible reason why you hate your current job may be that you’ve gone very far in the company. It’s either you’re now occupying a top managerial position and there’s no more step to climb in the ladder. Or it could be that you’ve to wait for a very long while before you get another promotion. Whatever the case may be, you can easily get frustrated with work when reach a block in your career. Since there are no more goals to reach, no heights to climb, no new opportunities to explore, you will begin to see everything as pointless. And soon this leave you feeling unmotivated and unwilling to continue.

You don’t like the job

When passion is absent, motivation becomes a big problem. There’s no way you will like a job that you’re not motivated to do. You won’t have anything to look forward to. It’s just like you go through the same routine everyday, expending all your energy and time. You’ve eventually become displeased with everything and so you hate the work.
Even if your job is not something you would have loved to do, there should be particular aspect that gets you excited or else you will get bored to the mind. If the only reason you’re working is to get a paycheck at the end of every month, then it’s obvious you got no fire in the belly. It’s either you’ve chosen the wrong job or you’ve lost your passion.

This guest post was authored by Rebecca Vaxon.

 I’m a 33-year-old economist from Britain, Virginia. Though I’m not a professional writer it’s my hobby to put together articles from time to time and share them with the audience.

I have a master’s degree in Economy, but the writing was always my passion.

I’m looking for new inspiration and be glad to bring something interesting and useful in lives of my readers.


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