How do universities in Europe prepare young researchers for their future careers? – Presentation to the PhD excellence conference, Czech Republic

In late 2022 and early 2023 I undertook a small research project on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate for Skills and Higher Education. In it we were investigating European practice in the career development of researchers. As some of you may know this is an area that I have a long standing interest in, as it is where I got my start in career development.

Our investigations demonstrated that there was a lot of European guidance and regulation on research careers, but the level of practice was strongest in the UK (largely under the watchful eye of Vitae). Other countries are much earlier on the journey of developing a culture of researcher development.

The report that we produced probably won’t be published as a it was mainly for internal use, but I was invited to give a presentation in the Czech Republic yesterday (by Zoom admittedly) about some of what we found. So I thought that I would share the slides here in case they are of interest to anyone.

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